E-Panic Button

The e-panic button feature of Awe Responder APP enables users to easily signal for help during emergency situations. When the user presses the panic button, the app automatically sends an alert to the Awe network, providing the user’s location via geolocation technology.

The alert is then directed to the nearest responder, whether it be an Awe security team member, local police, or other emergency services. This prompt notification ensures a quick and efficient response to the emergency.

The geolocation aspect of the panic button feature is crucial in providing accurate and precise location information to responders, enabling them to respond promptly. Moreover, by sending the alert to the nearest responder, Awe ensures that help is always within reach.

Overall, the panic button feature of Awe Responder APP provides users with a reliable and efficient way to receive help during emergency situations, providing a sense of security through its geolocation feature.

More Features on E-Panic App

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Medical Button

Fire Button


The Awe e-panic app includes an “On My Way” button that provides an additional safety feature to users by allowing them to share their estimated time of arrival with friends and family. This feature calculates the estimated travel time from the user’s current location to their intended destination and initiates a countdown timer. In case the user fails to reach their destination within the expected time, an event is generated and sent to the Awe Command Centre for immediate action. Simultaneously, the user’s selected group members are alerted. The app utilizes geolocation technology to track the user’s location, which enables a quick response in the event of an emergency. Overall, the “On My Way” button is a valuable feature that can increase safety and provide peace of mind to users and their loved ones


The Awe e-panic app is designed to quickly and efficiently report emergency situations to the command center when a user presses one of its buttons, like the Emergency or Community Reporting button. The event triggered by the button press contains the user’s location, determined through geolocation technology, and any additional information provided by the user. The trained operators at the command center evaluate the situation based on the event received and determine the most appropriate response, such as dispatching emergency services like police, fire, or ambulance or sending community responders like community police or security personnel. By facilitating swift reporting of emergencies, the Awe e-panic app helps to ensure that citizens can receive timely assistance, leading to faster response times and better outcomes.

The Awe e-panic app utilizes a location-based mechanism that enables the dispatching of the nearest available responder to the incident, ensuring a swift and effective response. Furthermore, the app sends push notifications to the user to keep them informed about the status of their event. These notifications can include updates on when a responder has been dispatched, when they are en route to the location, and when they have arrived at the scene. By providing constant updates, the app helps alleviate any concerns and offers reassurance that help is on the way.






Awe e-PANIC provides several reporting features to help users report issues and incidents in their communities. These features include:

The Awe e-panic app offers a robust reporting system that allows users to report a range of community incidents and issues. This includes incident reporting, service request reporting, anonymous reporting, and tracking and feedback features, which enable users to easily report and monitor the progress of their reports. This not only gives users a platform to voice their concerns and make a positive impact in their communities but also helps service providers to address community needs more efficiently and effectively. By promoting transparency and accountability in the reporting process, the e-panic app is fostering a more engaged and cohesive civil society in South Africa.


The e-panic app’s community reporting feature empowers users to report various service delivery issues through customized buttons, including electricity, water, gender-based violence (GBV), crime, fraud, corruption, police matters, community police forums, drug abuse and dealing, potholes, and illegal dumping. The system records all reported issues, promoting transparency and accountability. This feature encourages citizens to participate in identifying and addressing issues in their communities, drawing attention to relevant authorities regarding service delivery issues. The data collected from these reports can be used to identify problem areas and monitor progress in resolving issues. Overall, the community reporting feature of Awe e-panic promotes citizen engagement, transparency, and accountability in service delivery.